• Examination Committee

    The committee looks after all the exams conducted in the college. Strict vigilance is kept by the committee for the smooth conduction of exams.

  • Unfair Means Committee

    The committee deals with unfair means used by the students in exams. If any student caught using unfair means in the exam, they are dealt strictly and appropriate action is taken.

  • Anti-Ragging Committee

    In order to prevent ragging, the college has formed Anti-Ragging Committee. The committee keeps strict watch on the students and makes sure no incidence of ragging happen in the college.

  • Library Committee

    The library committee works towards the maintenance and constant up gradation of the library. Important decisions and executions are undertaken by the committee for giving the best possible facility to students and staff. The committee also promotes maximum use of library amongst students.

  • WDC Committee

    The college WDC constantly counsels girl students. To promote gender equality various programs are regularly organized. Some of which are with the help of NGO. These programs involve maximum students’ participation. Our college also has an internal complaint committee.

  • Cultural Committee

    The Cultural committee looks after and organizes Cultural events and Annual gathering. These events provide students to display their talents like singing, acting, mimicry, etc.

  • Sports Committee

    The sports committee aims to promote sports among students for their physical fitness and overall developments. Various indoor and outdoor sports events like Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Football, Cricket, Shuttle Badminton, Cricket, Kabaddi, KhoKho, Javelin Throw, Shot put, Tug of War, etc. are arranged every year.

  • Grievance Redressal Committee

    A Grievance Redressal committee is formed to look after the complaints and issues of students. The committee treats common as well as particular complains of the students. The committee also takes necessary actions on each complain it receives.

  • Internal Complaint Committee

    In order to preserve the dignity of the female members of the staff, an Internal Complaint committee is formed. The committee consists of senior female staff members who are given freedom to hear complaints from other fellow female staff members and take necessary steps.

  • Cleanliness and Maintenance Committee

    The cleanliness and Maintenance committee strives to maintain hygienic and clean environment in the college campus. They also keep a watch on the students to instill and maintain the habit keeping the surroundings clean.

  • Student Council Committee

    Student Council is responsible for organizing various events in the college smoothly. The Student Council Committee forms the council with fair and transparent selection process for various posts. The committee also assigns the council responsibilities and guidance for organizing various programmes in the college.

  • Magazine Committee

    The Magazine committee looks after the collection, selection, DTP and proof reading of the articles from students and staff for college magazines. The committee also formulates the editorial board and other concerns of the magazine.

  • Canteen Advisory Committee

    Canteen facility is provided in college premises with variety of eatables at subsidized rate under hygiene condition. Regular meetings of the canteen committee are held to decide on price and type of eatables.