Code Of Conduct & Discipline


  • Self-discipline is the best discipline. All students are expected to observe rules and regulations currently in force to enable the smooth functioning of the college. If the information and the documents submitted are found to be false, legal action will be taken against him/her and his/her admission will be cancelled.
  • Students resorting to unfair means at the exams will be dealt in accordance with the provision of the Government of Maharashtra Act. No XXXI of 1982 and the Maharashtra University Act, 1994 University of Mumbai Provisions.


  • It is bought to the notice of the students that ragging is a criminal offence and that UGC has framed UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions in order to prohibit, prevent and eliminate the scourge of raging in all the Universities / Colleges / Institutions.

Code of Conduct and Attendance:

  • Students should attend their lectures, practical, tutorials, examination regularly as per time table in accordance with rules prescribed by the University of Mumbai, Circular No. UG/01 of 2014 dated 5th May 2014. A minimum of 50% attendance in each subject and an average of 75% of attendance is must for keeping the terms In case of illness the students should apply for leave along with medical certificate. If the attendance of the student is found unsatisfactory, his/her admission may be cancelled and fees paid by him may be forfeited. All examinations including tutorials, practicals, semester exams conducted by the college are compulsory. Students will be promoted to higher class per prevalent rules framed by the University of Mumbai.
  • It is responsibility of every student to read the notices displayed by the college from time to time. They will not be excused and no consideration of whatsoever will be taken into account on grounds of ignorance.
  • The student should always wear their college identity and produce it as and produce it as and when demanded by staff. The student must enter the college campus with valid identity card, failing which disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.
  • Collection of funds by students in any form without prior permission from then Principal is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are expected to take proper care of college properties and to help in keeping college premises neat and clean. Any damage to the college property such as disfiguring the walls and doors, breaking fittings and furniture etc. will be treated as breach of discipline and such students will be severally penalized and punitive action will be taken against them amounting to expulsion from the college.
  • Library books, periodicals should be handled carefully. Any damage or loss of books by the students should be compensated within 7 days.
  • Rules made from time to time for home issue of books, book bank etc. should be strictly followed.
  • While representing the college at sports competition or any other competition, the student should follow utmost discipline and decorum. Any act of tarnishing reputation of the college will be viewed seriously.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to enter the college office, account office and staff common room without prior permission. Boy students are strictly warned not to enter girls’ common room under any circumstances.
  • Smoking, chewing pan, tobacco, Gutkha, Pan Parag or intoxicative substances etc. in college premises is strictly prohibited as per government directives. Students found indulging in the above act will be expelled instantly.
  • Possessing and use of cell phone is strictly prohibited in the college premises. Students having mobile phones are liable for fine of Rs. 200 and/or its constiscation.
  • Students must take responsibility for all their belongings. College does not take any responsibility in this regard. All unclaimed books, bags etc. must be deposited in the college office.
  • Bonafide students of the college are eligible for railway/bus concessions for season ticket as per rules. They can also avail of rail, S.T. Bus concession for travel to their home town during the vacations. The students must clearly mention their native place/home town in relevant columns of admission form. No concession will be granted if the local address and address of native place/home town are not filled in the admission form.
  • The students are informed that they must carefully fill in examination forms on or before the due date noticed. The students can request their teachers to guide them in filling the form, if necessary.
  • The tuition fees and such other fees must be paid promptly on or before the last date notified by the college office. Non-payment of fees after the expiry of due date may result in cancellation of admission.
  • The students and their parents should note that discipline is the foremost aspect in granting admission to the college. The students shall be disciplined throughout his tenure in this college. Students must be punctual in attending the lecture in the college. Loitering in the corridors during lecture hours is strictly prohibited. The students should not entertain their friends and guests in the college premises. Complete silence should be maintained in the class rooms, corridors and library hall. Students should attend the lectures regularly. Any act of disobedience towards the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college is liable for severe disciplinary action.
  • Parents / guardians must sign the admission form of their wards. They should understand the rules, code of conduct and regulations governing their wards.
  • Students shall not bring with them unauthorized persons in to the college premises.
  • In case of any dispute, decision of the principal will be final and binding on student.
  • The Principal reserves the right to add, alter and modify any of the clauses of code of conduct.

Misbehavior of any student with any other students or any staff members of the college will be viewed very seriously which may lead to the suspension or rustication or expulsion with immediate effect and also legal action will be initiated against such student/s.